Trinity Financial understands and serves the unique financial needs of retired, veteran and emerging professional athletes and entertainers. At TFSEM, we provide a team effort not just to athletes and entertainers, but work with business managers, family and other spheres of influence to help make smart choices in matters of finance.


It’s never been more challenging to be a business owner. Whether it’s attracting and retaining key employees, having a succession plan in place or an employee and executive plan tailored to your needs, we provide the advice and guidance most important to you.

Securing and Retaining Key Employees and Contributors – We assist in providing many financial, personal and estate planning options so you may offer the best and most effective methods for hiring and retaining key personnel.

Employee and Executive Benefits – Through our unique process, we’ll show you how your medical benefits and performance-linked executive bonus plans can succeed where most other business owners and managing executives fall short of achieving their goals.

Estate and Legacy Planning – Through our associations with top legal and tax professionals, we all collaborate to assure all your intentions are realized in your plan for your heirs and legacy.


I don’t believe we’re called to kill ourselves for 75 percent of our lives so we can have enough to live off the last 25 percent. Some say my opinion on retirement is controversial; others say it’s refreshingly honest. The financial services industry uses the concerns most people have to make incredible amounts of profit. They do this by selling a variety of products which, in the end, usually only secure a much better retirement for those selling the products-not those buying.

I will aspire to remove the complexity and anxiety that has been purposely created and instead present a truly realistic picture that will allow you the peace of mind your hard work deserves. There are no “mulligans” or “do-overs” in retirement planning, so precise details are a must. Our unique process is fully accountable and nothing less than complete satisfaction is our goal.


It’s been said that I’m a no-nonsense, straight-forward guy. Okay, than let’s not gloss over the fact that we won’t live forever. Unfortunately, many wait until that fact hits home hard, and by then it’s usually too late to properly prepare. Here too, the financial services and legal industry have created a lot of “mumbo-jumbo.”

On our graves, we will all have a dash between the date we were born and when we died. What you want that dash to say about you is paramount, and our team is second to none in providing all the tools to assure your wishes are fully adhered to.

Lee Rouson, co-founder of TFSEM and a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants, like to say, “the NFL stands for what all professional athletes should think about their career span: ‘Not For Long’.” That’s why we have put together a unique Corporate Advisory Board of like-minded and players and performers who act as advisors to the less-seasoned. They have seen and lived sudden wealth, unpredictable career spans and unintended consequences that are all too common and can provide first-hand guidance and insight on how to steer through the before-, during- and after-playing career span.

After 30 years in and around the financial services industry, I’m sorry to say the industry as a whole still sells primarily in one fashion. After giving the client a headache, most planners and advisers sell the client an aspirin. Most financial service organizations focus on product-based solutions. The challenge with this method is often considerable additional cost and the future performance of the product is unknown. The other challenge is when you define success predominately based upon net worth and assets under management you lose sight of some key points.

In our alternative, the main difference is we focus on a process to build and protect wealth with efficiency at the core. The difference is we define wealth by available cash flow and quality of life. We use an academic approach, not an emotional one based upon what some products have done in the past. We all have heard the legal disclaimer “Past performance is not indicative of future results,” but the public overlooks this everyday as if past success is assured in the future, and buys into these products again and again. Past performance is not a good enough reason to stake your future quality of life and that of your loved ones.

We do three things in our process:

  1. Our objective is to deliver unique and verifiable strategies over and above what one is currently on track to attain.
  2. To do this without taking on more risk…in fact, we usually greatly lower the risk(s) our clients are exposed to.
  3. To achieve the above without having to sacrifice your lifestyle.
Here’s the bottom line:

We have no black box or magic formula for success. We can’t and won’t try turning $1 into a $1,000. However, we can and will show you how to add greatly to your worth without additional risk and usually with greatly less risk.

We don’t turn a Chevy into a Mercedes, but we will make your Chevy run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We make it our responsibility to help insure you reach your potential, and accomplish this by offering unmatched experience and world-class service. Our team has well over a century’s worth of experience and expertise, and I believe we are second to none.

A confidential, complimentary consultation awaits you. Life is all about choices. Make the right one and contact us.

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