Grandich Comes Out Of The Closet

Nick Fotiu, PG and Ron Greschner

I had the incredible blessing to become such great friends with whom, IMHO, are two of the greatest NY Rangers of all-time. Since meeting them during the last decade+,   I’ve tried to balance my “rooting” interests between the Rangers and the Devils.


This was in spite of the fact that I was one of the first people to buy Devils season tickets when they moved from Colorado. And at one time, I had attended most home games and I even was insane-enough to go to Philly to watch them play.

Friends who go back that long with me would attest that this could describe me back then during hockey season:

Ironically, the one professional athlete, who I had met in the 90’s and became acquainted with several years before starting Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company in 2001, was Ken Daneyko.

Here’s Kenny explaining our long history together:

I would be blessed yet again by having other former great Devils become friends and part of the Trinity team:

Grant Marshall                             Jim Dowd                                 Bruce driver

But missing the playoffs for 5 years and just not getting into my car and driving to Newark to watch a game, I lost touch with the only major sports team that proudly calls itself New Jersey when playing here.

But this year, with a plethora of young talent and some seasoned vets, a new “Red Dawn” has risen over NJ: