Trinity featured on “This is New Jersey with Gary Gellman”

Grandich featured on “This is New Jersey with Gary Gellman”

Grandich Featured in the Ocean Star
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Grandich Interview in the Asbury Park Press
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Finance
CLICK HERE to download an excerpt from the third edition of Peter’s book, Confessions of a FORMER Wall Street Whiz Kid, entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Finance.
Grandich Revisits “Good Morning America”
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2016 Grandich Self Storage Factor
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The DNA of Gutsy Leaders – A MUST Read!

I was truly honored to be a small part of a fantastic book entitled “The DNA of Gutsy Leaders”.

This book is a road map from 21st century gutsy leaders wired to lead people and organizations through change. Co-authors and husband and wife team Terence H. Biggs II and Dr. Sharon M. Biggs include actual interviews from several leaders who possess the DNA to respond to their giant leadership moments. The authenticity embedded in this leadership development book will help current and aspiring leaders identify and develop their own gutsy leadership skill sets and become Excellent Leaders without Excuse (SM).

CLICK HERE to read the chapter devoted to Peter Grandich, and for information on how to order the book.

Grandich Interview on WRAT

Peter’s Interview on “She’s Got Issues” with Lisa Anderson, broadcast on WRAT. Recorded on May 20, 2015, Peter talks about his unique background, his autobiography Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid, the Do’s and Dont’s of Wall Street, and so much that is wrong with Wall Street. He also discusses his work with the New York Yankees, New York Giants and other athletes.

ABOUT SHE’S GOT ISSUES: She’s Got Issues is a direct reflection of the issues that confront Jersey Shore listeners each and every day. No topic is taboo or too under the radar to get on the show… that’s why She’s Got Issues is so popular!

KIDS & CASH:  What Every Parent Needs to Know to Raise a Financially Healthy Child, by Peter Grandich

You are the parent. From you, your children will learn a wealth of knowledge – everything from taking their first steps to knowing the difference between right and wrong. Yet, many parents don’t know how to teach their children a skill that will benefit them their entire lives: money management.  When it comes to matters of money, think of it like any other basic skill you teach your kids: like brushing their teeth, doing their homework or taking a vitamin. It’s just as important.In this 7-page booklet, you’ll read:

  • Why you should teach your kids about money
  • 10 No Non-cents tips for Parents
  • How to help your teenager avoid a debt disaster
  • …and more

A Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance, by Peter Grandich

The Bible contains over 700 direct references about money, including the majority of the Parables, and one out of every six verses in the Gospels concerns itself with the right and wrong use of material possessions. It clearly states that spirituality goes hand in hand with matters of money. It teaches us that God is our only true provider and to honor him by being good stewards with what he has given us. It teaches us that debt in most cases is not wise and a prosperous life is not measured by what we have in the bank, but what is in our hearts.

In this 14-page booklet, you’ll read about:

  • What Is Money?
  • How The Bible Views Money
  • How to Be Faithful in Matters of Money
  • Time—One of Our Most Abused Assets
  • Tithing—The Greatest Investment You Can Ever Make!
  • In The End, Honesty and Accountability Rules
  • How to Spend and Invest Wisely
  • Three Golden Rules All Investors Must Follow
  • Debt
  • Money, Children & Parenting
  • … and more